Elle (dir. Paul Verhoeven, 2016)

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FilmDoo has proudly partnered with Sooner, the leading VOD platform for independent cinema in Benelux, to bring users in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands an eclectic selection of acclaimed and award-winning European films, showcasing some of the finest contemporary cinema from France, Belgium and beyond.


Scroll down for a few of our picks, or click here to browse our full collection of European films from Sooner.


A Wedding (dir. Stephan Streker, 2017)

A Wedding (dir. Stephan Streker, Pakistan/Belgium)

Zahira, an 18-year-old Belgian-Pakistani woman, is very close to everyone in her family, until the day when a traditional marriage is imposed on her. Torn between family demands, her Western lifestyle, and her desire for freedom, the young woman turns for help to her older brother and confidant, Amir.

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Elle (dir. Paul Verhoeven, 2016)

Elle (dir. Paul Verhoeven, France)

When Michelle, the CEO of a gaming software company, is attacked in her home by an unknown assailant, she refuses to let it alter her precisely ordered life. She manages crises involving family, all the while becoming engaged in a game of cat and mouse with her stalker.

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August (dir. Jeroen Perceval, 2014)

August (dir. Jeroen Perceval, Belgium)

August is a carefree boy who likes to discover the world and to play outside with his best friend Lize. One day, he encounters the seamy side of life and suddenly Lize doesn’t want to see him anymore.

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I Got Life! (dir. Blandine Lenoir, 2017)

I Got Life! (dir. Blandine Lenoir, France)

Aurore, separated from her husband, has just lost her job and been told that she is going to be a grandmother. She is slowly being pushed to the outskirts of society, but when she accidentally runs into the great love of her youth, she puts her foot down and refuses to be relegated to the scrap yard. What if now was the time to start over?

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Crash Test Aglaé (dir. Eric Gravel, 2017)

Crash Test Aglaé (dir. Eric Gravel, France)

Aglaé, a young worker, has only one reference point in her life: her work in a car crash test factory. When she learns that the factory is going to be relocated abroad, she accepts, to everyone’s surprise, to go to India in order to hold on to her job. Accompanied by two colleagues, she sets off on car journey taking her to the end of the world.

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White Fang (dir. Alexandre Espigares, 2018)

White Fang (dir. Alexandre Espigares, France/Luxembourg/USA)

A loyal wolfdog’s curiosity leads him on the adventure of a lifetime while serving a series of three distinctly different masters.

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