Five Wolves (dir. Kenji Misumi, 1974)

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This week, we bring you a selection of classic dramas and samurai movies from Japan, plus an award-winning comedy short from South Africa.

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Five Wolves (dir. Kenji Misumi, 1974)

Five Wolves (dir. Kenji Misumi, Japan)

Toranosuke Sugi, a brave and loyal Samurai, fights to practice and preserve his master’s teachings amid a civil war. With friends on both sides, will he cave to temptation, or stand on principle and for freedom?

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Twenty-Four Eyes (dir. Keisuke Kinoshita, 1954)

Twenty-Four Eyes (dir. Keisuke Kinoshita, Japan)

Schoolteacher Hisako Oishi struggles to imbue her students with a positive view of the world and their place in it, despite the fact that she knows full well that most of them will die in the war.

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Three Outlaw Samurai (dir. Hideo Gosha, 1964)

Three Outlaw Samurai (dir. Hideo Gosha, Japan)

Shiba, a wandering ronin, encounters a band of peasants who have kidnapped the daughter of their dictatorial magistrate, in hopes of coercing from him a reduction in taxes. Shiba takes up their fight, joined by two renegades from the magistrate’s guard, Sakura and Kikyo. The three outlaws find themselves in a battle to the death.

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Samurai Gold Seekers (dir. Hideo Gosha, 1965)

Samurai Gold Seekers (dir. Hideo Gosha, Japan)

A masterless samurai murders a high-ranking retainer in a bid to achieve reform, but is actually being manipulated by another samurai. His former comrades are sent to catch and execute him.

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Stag Knights (dir. Aidan Whytock, 2016)

Stag Knights (dir. Aidan Whytock, South Africa)

After a raging stag night in the seventies, the hungover entourage try figure out how a body ended up in the pool..

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