The Art of Love (dir. Philippe Weibel, 2022)

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This week, we bring you a witty exploration of modern day loneliness from the UK, a surreal, genre-defying vision from Spain, plus our latest international compilation of award-winning, female-focused shorts.

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The Art of Love (dir. Philippe Weibel, 2022)

The Art of Love (dir. Philippe Weibel, Switzerland/UK)

Two lonely souls – ageing sex toy influencer Adam and middle-aged train worker Eva – are thrown together on a secret project to banish loneliness forever. Though they initially believe they have nothing in common, they soon discover that friendships spring from the unlikeliest of places.

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At First Glance (2022)

At First Glance

An anxious girl tries to figure out whether or not she’s on a first date with a woman she met at a party, the arrival and love story of a beautiful young couple stumps the older local villagers in a small part of Spain, and a bored woman returns to the lake she used to holiday at as a child, to discover someone has been there waiting for her return. An anthology of lesbian-focused shorts where things are rarely as they first seem.

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Maximum Shame (dir. Carlos Atanes, 2010)

Maximum Shame (dir. Carlos Atanes, Spain)

An apocalyptic-fetish-horror-musical-chess-sci-fi-weird feature movie! The world is threatened by a black hole. The end of the Earth is imminent. A man dives under his bed into a parallel dimension. A place in limbo between reality and fantasy, where the normal rules of space and time are overridden. His wife follows him into this parallel world to save him.

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