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At First Glance

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At First Glance

  • Australia
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • France
  • 2022
  • 92 minutes
  • LGBT
  • Compilation
  • Romance
  • Drama

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An anxious girl tries to figure out whether or not she's on a first date with a woman she met at a party, the arrival and love story of a beautiful young couple stumps the older local villagers in a small part of Spain, and a bored woman returns to the lake she used to holiday at as a child, to discover someone has been there waiting for her return.

An anthology of lesbian focused shorts where things are rarely as they first seem.

Mai dir. Marta González De La Vega

Carmeta, Mari and Pilar are three old ladies who spend every afternoon sitting on a bench, next to the main street of their village. The arrival of a mysterious pair of girls turns into the main topic of discussion among the women.

Each and Every Night dir. Julie Robert

Since childhood, Lea has seen a ghostly deer loom about her. Now in a relationship with Maud, her visions are getting worse. How can she prove to her girlfriend, and to herself, that this is a real problem to be dealt with?

Sottovoce dir. Fabrizio Benvenuto

Anna is fed up with the flatness of the city and decides to take a journey back in time. She convinces two of her colleagues to go with her to the place where she used to spend every summer since she was a child: Sibari Lakes. On this occasion, she’ll meet a girl who seems to be hiding something and together they’ll push their own boundaries.

Peach dir. Sophie Saville

A socially anxious young woman lands a hot date. There’s only one problem, she’s not sure if it’s actually a date.

Asylum Park dir. Shanu Sharma

An Indian girl sobs quietly in a park, trying to hide away her pain. An unknown Muslim Gambian man who approaches her, sensing her desperation, proposes a sinister deal in exchange for help.

The Half Wall dir. Ida H. Eldøen

A gay couple’s lunch break does not go as planned when they engage in a discussion about how they can renovate their cabin bathroom. They suddenly find themselves in a heated argument which leads to a series of misunderstandings.

La Princesse De Lamour dir. Arnaud Lalanne

Can a princess be in love with a prince and a princess at the same time?