Image from: Through a Boy's Eyes (2018)


FilmDoo is an up-and-coming Video On Demand movie streaming platform that seeks to give under-seen and under-appreciated international and independent films the exposure they deserve. Our collection consists of over 3,000 films and spans a vast range of genres, countries and languages. If this sounds like something that you and your company, blog or website would like to be a part of, then we'd like to hear from you.

As an affiliate partner, you could help us bring great films from around the world to new audiences who have a passion for exploring cinema beyond Hollywood. We are looking for any partners who are connected to such an audience and would be interested in working with FilmDoo to the benefit of all involved.

For every visitor that you bring to our site, we offer 3% of the gross revenue they bring in. As our partner, we can provide you with affiliate links, advertising banners and special offers, and remain open to further suggestions on ways that we can collaborate.

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