Frog Boy (dir. Laura Zenobi and Lucas Altmann, 2018)

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This week, we add to our growing collection of Argentinian shorts with some exciting new releases courtesy of KM Sur.

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Frog Boy (dir. Laura Zenobi and Lucas Altmann, 2018)

Frog Boy (dir. Laura Zenobi and Lucas Altmann, Argentina)

Paula travels to a mountain town looking to clear her head and carry out a job she has been given. Upon arriving at the house in the jungle, she meets a mysterious young boy, his influence causing her to question a decision she wants to make.

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Chimpanzee (dir. Ull Galíndez, 2018)

Chimpanzee (dir. Ull Galíndez, Argentina)

Two clowns express their frustrations and anger at their tyrannical boss, before their conversation takes an unexpected turn.

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The Last Jaguar (dir. Luciano Nacci, 2015)

The Last Jaguar (dir. Luciano Nacci, Argentina)

Three boys venture into the jungle to follow the trail of a jaguar. On their journey each of their lives is changed through the events that take place.

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The Check (dir. Luciano Nacci, 2016)

The Check (dir. Luciano Nacci, Argentina)

A young man begins to lose his hearing and will discover a new world and other ways of communicating in society.

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