The Suicide Hotline (dir. Magalí Porchinitto , 2020)

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This week, we bring you an eclectic selection of short films spanning the regions of Argentina, France, China and beyond.

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Vestiges, The Mystery of the Dique la Ciénaga (dir. Valentín Alvarez Sabouret and Gustavo Correia, 2020)

Vestiges, The Mystery of the Dique la Ciénaga (dir. Valentín Alvarez Sabouret and Gustavo Correia, Argentina)

A father and his son calmly fish in the Ciénaga Dam, not knowing that the worst danger lurks under its calm waters.

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Nereids (dir. Jordane Oudin, 2018)

Nereids (dir. Jordane Oudin, China)

Li Mo left China many years ago but the Nereids have never ceased haunting him, as those who see these beautiful and deadly nymphs are consumed by desire. Based on Marguerite Yourcenar’s novel of the same name.

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Lifever (dir. Ted Hardy-Carnac, 2013)

Lifever (dir. Ted Hardy-Carnac, France)

Karine is 16 and lives with her mother. Every day, she chats with her father on a webcam. Mixing social drama and science fiction, the movie dives into the day-to-day life of an almost normal family.

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Moon (dir. Nicolás Cefarelli, 2019)

Moon (dir. Nicolás Cefarelli, Argentina)

Martin is a boy who is in love with the moon, and he wants to find a way to get to it. Together, he and his neighbor Juana build a paper boat and try to navigate the Paraná River to reach their destination.

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The Suicide Hotline (dir. Magalí Porchinitto , 2020)

The Suicide Hotline (dir. Magalí Porchinitto, Argetina)

Elisa plays Russian roulette with her father’s revolver. She calls the suicide hotline and is attended by Lisandro. Who of the two will face their worst ghosts?

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Our Territory (dir. Mathieu Volpe, 2019)

Our Territory (dir. Mathieu Volpe, Belgium)

Mathieu Volpe returns to the territories of his childhood, armed with a few feet of film, to meet those who were absent from his summer memories: the migrants from Northern and Southern Africa gathered together for picking in modern plantations. With grace and humility, he reveals a parallel economy and gives both a name and a history to the invisible people he enhances via sensual, contrasted cinematography, without resorting to misery.

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Montmartre Kiss (dir. Jimmy Laporal-Trésor, 2013)

Montmartre Kiss (dir. Jimmy Laporal-Trésor, France)

Il has loved Elle since he was a teenager. Tonight, he wants to seduce her but a couple of gangsters jeopardize his plans.

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Still Water (dir. Jason Chan, 2008)

Still Water (dir. Jason Chan, Singapore)

A seemingly innocent attraction turns out to be something of a trap.

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The Chimai and the Storm (dir. David Bisbano, 2020)

The Chimai and the Storm (dir. David Bisbano, Argentina)

After a great storm, a very old Chimai (spiritual healer) takes care of the forest and the great tree that was knocked down. She will find an unexpected surprise and a great power will be revealed.

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