When the Sun Goes Down (dir. Eliana Digiovani, 2019)

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This week, we bring you a compelling collection of shorts, showcasing rising film talent from France and Argentina.

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Zaïna46 (dir. Laure Desmazières, 2018)

Zaïna46 (dir. Laure Desmazières, France)

Abdel has been working in a café in France for several years. His wife Zaina stayed on the other side of the Mediterranean. This evening, Abdel’s young neighbors are celebrating: new software allowing them to call the homeland has become available. Between excitement and impatience, Abdel gets ready for his first Skype call.

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Perseverance (dir. Gabin Tellenne, 2018)

Perseverance (dir. Gabin Tellenne, France)

Dimitri is a fish captain in Trouville-sur-Mer, Normandy. Accompanied by his deckhands, Joris and Omar, embarked on a trawler, they track fishes. Far from their families from Monday to Friday, in the harshness of the job, they face the whims of the sea. Welcome aboard “La Persévérance”.

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When the Sun Goes Down (dir. Eliana Digiovani, 2019)

When the Sun Goes Down (dir. Eliana Digiovani, Argentina)

A young captive in a precarious room goes through her daily routine until sunset when she is called to work. Simultaneously, a hopeless woman decides to release, with pain, the last memories of her little lost daughter.

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The House in the Water (dir. Jingyang Sun, 2018)

The House in the Water (dir. Jingyang Sun, France/China)

Carl, a charming writer without inspiration, became a literature teacher in high school. Yet, the tired man secretly expects a change. Laila, a student of the other class, starts having an inner adventure when she sees him and realizes he’s the writer she reads.

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Grandma (dir. Aimé Tolrá, 2016)

Grandma (dir. Aimé Tolrá, Argentina)

A grandmother lives alone, weaves and remembers.

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I Like You (dir. Alice Fargier, 2016)

I Like You (dir. Alice Fargier, France)

A man and a woman in the intimacy of their bathroom. In this calm and sensual atmosphere, something unspoken comes to the surface and the trouble settles.

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Tunisia 2045 (dir. Ted Hardy-Carnac, 2016)

Tunisia 2045 (dir. Ted Hardy-Carnac, France)

Tunisia, 2045. A father and his daughter are waiting, worried and tired. Their future depends on a simple gesture.

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One Less (dir. David Páez, 2019)

One Less (dir. David Páez, Argentina)

A young woman is kidnapped and taken to a clandestine place where she is subjected to different abuses. As she tries to resist, her will and determination will be the only things that can help her escape.

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