In the Wind (dir. Shuzhang Lan, 2015)

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This week, we bring you a fresh range of thought-provoking and award-winning releases from China, Italy, India and beyond.

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Live for Dead (dir. Yangjie Ou, Chang-dong Lee and Kang Yi-kwan, 2020)

Live for Dead (dir. Yangjie Ou, China)

Tian Qinchuan, now 30, reflects on of his father, Tian Yueping, an old gambler. Because of his father, he had a terrible childhood, but when a serious illness causes him to become hospitalised, he makes the decision to be with him for the time he has left. This is the story of an aspect of china which is not seen or talked about by many. The story of the elderly who desire to die.

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In the Wind (dir. Shuzhang Lan, 2015)

In the Wind (dir. Shuzhang Lan, China)

China’s censorship system has led to a huge conflict of views between a poor film director and a film college student. Under the long-term deception of the media, society has become crazy and people have begun to hurt each other. No one can change it.

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Prophecy of Gold (dir. Li Zao, 2021)

Prophecy of Gold (dir. Li Zao, China)

A terminally ill father uses his wisdom to make a plan. When he dies, he will avenge his son.

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Triangle (dir. Cataldo De Palma, 2019)

Triangle (dir. Cataldo De Palma, Italy)

Three old friends on a fishing excursion decide to investigate an old legend about a nearby tower, but what they find there reveals their friendship to be more fragile than they realised.

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Truck (dir. Pratik Samdhan Shejol, 2020)

Truck (dir. Pratik Samdhan Shejol, India)

A short film based on a devastating truck accident which occurred in India. The film is a study on how the situation was handled by the general public and a truck driver.

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Echo, Love & Other Things (dir. Jerin Sabu, 2021)

Echo, Love & Other Things (dir. Jerin Sabu, India)

Jerry falls in love with Rahul. But something disrupts their love. What is it? What happens to their love?

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LPDM (dir. Nawal Kaffouf, 2018)

LPDM (dir. Nawal Kaffouf, France)

Tom enters a hospital and asks to see his father, but visits are forbidden for this prisoner. A policeman stands in front of the bedroom door. Tom must find a way to get in.

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Rafeiro (dir. Cátia Silva, 2018)

Rafeiro (dir. Cátia Silva, Portugal)

This modern tale tells the story of a young man named Tunes  who participates in illegal street fights in order to pay his father’s debt. This lifestyle ends up creating huge problems in his personal life.

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Gaslighting (dir. Tina V. Goldtau, 2018)

Gaslighting (dir. Tina V. Goldtau, Germany)

Victoria is constantly manipulated and emotionally abused by her overpowering boyfriend Alex. Eventually, conditioned on the gaslighter, she sets herself free in a surprising manner.

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