The American Boys (USA)

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This week, we bring you a new horror anthology film from France, plus a compilation of acclaimed and award-winning shorts from the US.

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Necrologies (dir. Fabien Chombart, Alexis Wawerka, François Message, Guillaume Defare, and Nathalie Epoque, France)

Necrologies (France)

After getting into a cemetery to take pictures for his website, Ludovic is caught by the old grave keeper. Waiting for the police, he shows Ludovic his book of tombs inside which are the most bizarre and intriguing stories he’s ever witnessed.

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The American Boys (USA)

The American Boys (USA)

At elementary school, a child struggles to come to terms with his feelings for a teacher. In high school, the lead singer in a local band has admirers in both the girls and the boys. Meanwhile, on campus, the pitches and pools have their fair share of star-crossed lovers. And as for Billy? He’s just happy to cruise.

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