Swaying Mariko (dir. Koji Segawa, 2017)

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This week, we bring you a pair of new dramas from Japan, along with a selection of shorts from South Korea and Switzerland.

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Swaying Mariko (dir. Koji Segawa, 2017)

Swaying Mariko (dir. Koji Segawa, Japan)

Mariko, a seemingly normal housewife, has been together with her younger husband named Tomoharu for six years and has been dissatisfied every day. Despite having a son together, Tomoharu is often absent from home and she suspects he might be having an affair. Her workplace, a batting center, is also a miserable environment because the sleazy manager chases after her and the customers are rude. With constant pressure bearing down on her in public and private, Mariko becomes dominated by a certain obsession that eats away at her perception of reality.

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The Book Peddler (dir. Ken'ichi Ohmori, 2016)

The Book Peddler (dir. Ken’ichi Ohmori, Japan)

Struggling to complete her second novel Suzumi Akamatsu returns to her hometown and begins quiet work as a librarian. However, she soon discovers that cycling around the city delivering books uncovers more drama than even her fictional world.

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Tetsu Kono's Crazy Routine (dir. Sébastien Simon and Forest Ian Etsler, 2016)

Tetsu Kono’s Crazy Routine (dir. Sébastien Simon and Forest Ian Etsler, South Korea/France)

One Japanese man’s decade-long obsession with Korean cinema. Since 2005, Tetsu Kono, a middle-aged Japanese man, has come from Tokyo to South Korea to attend an average of twenty Korean film festivals annually, while revealing very little to others about himself and about his marginal existence in Japan.

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At Your Pace (dir. Yann K, 2020)

At Your Pace (dir. Yann K, South Korea/France)

Before leaving Korea in the morning, French drummer, Paul, plays drums for the last time at a friend’s studio. But when an enigmatic employee of the studio comes to dance to his music, he is left wondering when they will meet again.

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My Own Life (dir. Nicolas Dozol, 2019)

My Own Life (dir. Nicolas Dozol, Switzerland)

Ian is a shy and insecure teenager searching for his identity. With his only imaginary friend, he learns to discover himself and face his difficulties.

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