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This year’s Venice International Film Festival saw the official launch of FilmDoo’s new content upload feature, giving independent filmmakers and content owners around the world the opportunity to exhibit their work to the streaming platform’s diverse international community.

Since the very beginning, it has been one of FilmDoo’s core goals to provide an appealing and accessible alternative to the traditional and antiquated film distribution systems that have dominated the industry for many years. Every year, tens of thousands of movies get made but never receive the exposure they deserve due to lack of international distribution opportunities. With our new content upload feature, FilmDoo hopes to make it easier for independent filmmakers and content owners to find an audience for their films around the world.

Successful film submissions will be given a unique page on FilmDoo where they can be seen and promoted by the platform’s users. For further exposure, filmmakers will be given the option of having their movies sublicensed to other platforms, broadcasters and third parties, such as Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo on Demand. Importantly, filmmakers and content owners will also be able to make their content a part of FilmDoo’s newly launched game-based edutainment platform which makes it easy and fun to teach and learn languages through engaging films.  Beyond that, we can offer various other forms of service to help with the promotion and distribution of your work.

FilmDoo content upload page

Against the tumultuous backdrop of 2020, online distribution has never been a more important channel for getting your work seen and noticed, making it essential that filmmakers and viewers alike still have options beyond the mainstream giants of VOD, such as Netflix and Amazon.

With this latest Content Upload Feature, we hope to provide a valuable platform for filmmakers and content owners, while continuing to push for a more equal playing field in the film industry that’s in step with the values and technology of the times we’re living in.

Check out the new Content Upload feature here.


FilmDoo CEO Weerada Sucharitkul is currently in attendance at the 77th Venice International Film Festival, where she announced the content upload feature at EuroVoD’s VOD Market Day on Friday, September 4th. You can reach her at: 

Also attending Venice International Film Festival is Content & EdTech Partner Charles Normsaskul, who has been heading the development of FilmDoo’s content upload feature. He can be contacted at: 

FilmDoo is excited to be able to offer innovative new opportunities to help filmmakers and content owners monetise their films around the world. Whether it’s new content or an older film that’s proven more difficult to distribute through traditional channels, we want to hear about it.

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