Cine Asia

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At the Marché du Film in Cannes, FilmDoo closed more output deals with distributors and has now become the go-to platform in the UK and Ireland for Asian films. The FilmDoo platform added the Cine Asia collection (Ip Man, Ichi The Killer) that was acquired last year by Trinity. It joins three other Asian rights catalogs, previously signed with FilmDoo: Terracotta, Third Window and Day for Night. The platform aims to reach 200 Asian titles available to view by the end of 2015. FilmDoo also continues to license content from the producers and filmmakers directly, such as the Indonesian titles PARTS OF THE HEART and Lucky Kuswandi’s IN THE ABSENCE OF THE SUN. Kuswandi’s short film THE FOX EXPLOITS THE TIGER’S MIGHT was selected this year in Cannes’ Critics Week.

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