Image from: High Art (1998)

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Reviewed by AnnaT GB / Joined AnnaT 2016
High Art
High Art
High Art
USA, 1998, 101 minutes, SD Romance, LGBT, US Indie
rnrnA brilliant and classic film.    Veryrnintelligent, high quality, top-notch and yet very simple work.    Now, at the end of 2016, looking back atrnlate 90s when romantic, passionate, intimate and sexual relationship between women (or men) was arn"taboo" this movie nailed the beginning of our cultural revolution and itrnwell communicated it in the art form.    Similarly to 70s, when this film wasrnmade (in late 90s) many thought it was "weird" and it probably was at thatrntime, but now looking back it really captured the change in our culture.       It's simple, crazy, destructive, sad andrnromantic ....all at the same time.    Irnabsolutely loved it!     Great story, very talented actors, bohemianrnlifestyle, brilliant dialog, simple to follow......a phenomena that cannot bernmissed and must be learnt about.   This is Andy Warhol in the film form.     Now,rnlooking back....we have to know our history.  rnrnrn
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