Image from: King of Escape (2009)

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Reviewed by jeteli PH / Joined jeteli 2016
King of Escape
King of Escape
King of Escape
France, 2009, 97 minutes, SD Adventure, Comedy, LGBT, Arthouse
Strange, disturbing and quite confusing!  I'd say these words describe what I  felt when I watched this.  The lead character Armand who's been pictured as a middle-aged and overweight man who seems to prefer gay men is relentlessly pursued by a teenage girl madly in love with him and they go running here and there and across the French countryside while being tracked down by the girl's father.  I thought it would go on forever, the chasing and running but thank goodness Armand tricked the girl and off he goes. But surprise,  viewers will have quite a shock to with the final scene (what it is you have to find out!).  There are sexually graphic scenes that others may find shocking and so I guess what makes this film in a league of it own is its ability to shock viewers, subtly at times, major big time at other times. Blame it on the doo root aphrodisiac perhaps?! Do check this film out and be prepared to be challenged, amazed and confused, all at the same time! 
Not for me
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