Image from: The Last Executioner (2014)

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Reviewed by sharonmae PH / Joined sharonmae 2016
The Last Executioner
The Last Executioner
The Last Executioner
Thailand, 2014, 95 minutes, HD Drama, Biopic, Crime, Asian
So disturbingly real and with stellar performances! The life of rock musician turned-executioner  Chavoret Jaruboon reflects a life fully lived and with so many lessons that can be plucked from, along the way. The candid depiction of his life leaves viewers speechless and  pondering. Here  you see a very righteous and religious man,  who is drawn to the job as executioner mostly due to financial reasons.  Very conscious of the consequences that may befall on him because of his job, Chavoret  frequents the temple and seeks the counsel of the Abbott just so to appease himself that he's not doing anything wrong. Still the innate monstrosity of his job haunts him and a recurring character (portrayed by David Asavanond) stalks him in a form of a fellow guard, a doctor and a bus passenger, among others. In a way, this character could mean Chavoret's alter ego or conscience. Vithaya Pansringarm, a very notable and multi-awarded actor, shines in his role as Chavoret. This film is indeed another collaboration between him and Director Waller that's definitely outstanding and skillfully made. Musical scoring was commendable and kudos to the cast who all lent genuine support to the central character. Penpak Sirikul as Chavoret's wife dazzles and she was not only Chavoret's wife but his rock as well. Thanrayat Praditthaen as Chavoret's daughter was also commendable and viewers vividly remember her as Fai's cousin in the flick "Patong Girl". Another very unforgettable character in this film who brings in not only holiness but humor as well is the Abbot, played by Jaran Petrcharoen.  This is one film that will stick to one's memory, not only because it is culled from real-life events and real people but because it gives viewers a peek on the insides of prison life and a peek on the hardened hearts of criminals.  That more than the mere act of execution is the drama and stories behind it all, as seen from the eyes of a person who's "been there and done that." Very affecting and compelling!  This is  surely a must-watch! 
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