Image from: She Must Be Seeing Things (1988)

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Reviewed by Janney GB / Joined Janney 2015
She Must Be Seeing Things
She Must Be Seeing Things
She Must Be Seeing Things
USA, 1988, 95 minutes LGBT
This is a film about relationships, and gets so much right, that you can't help but relate to it regardless of your sexuality. No coupling is picture perfect, as doubt and mistrust always manages to creep in, but director Sheila McLaughlin is having fun here, allowing us to observe Agatha's obsession with Jo's diary and her past in a way that is never judgmental or stereotyped (the butch/femme dynamic is playful, not forced). We never accept that we ourselves can be, and are, like this, so I liked the way that we are offered to partake in the film and ask questions about what our own behaviour would be in these circumstances. There's also a sense of humour that runs throughout that carries things along nicely. It's a shame that films that explore adult relationships with grace and intelligence are such a rarity nowadays.
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