Image from: Strip Nude for Your Killer (1975)

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Reviewed by fbcaird GB / Joined fbcaird 2015
Strip Nude for Your Killer
Strip Nude for Your Killer
Strip Nude for Your Killer
Italy, 1975, 98 minutes, HD Horror, Giallo, Slasher
A back street abortion kills a woman. This leads to a series of murders, with all the victims being connected to a fashion house.

Well, I suppose you can't say that the title doesn't give you a few clues. Strip Nude for your Killer operates pretty squarely in the sleazier side of the giallo genre. It would be quite difficult arguing against accusations of sexism levelled against this flick. The women all…well…strip nude for their killer and seem to collectively be remarkably brainless. They all obey the grotty whims of a series of especially appalling male characters. The lead guy in particular is a spectacularly unsympathetic sleaze-bag. He is a fashion photographer who begins the movie by stalking a woman and ends it with an anal sex 'joke' aimed at the lovely Edwige Fenech! Yuck.

I suppose you could say that director Andrea Bianchi did for the giallo genre with this picture what he later did for the zombie film with his movie The Zombie Dead (1981). He gave both of them a trash makeover. The mystery side of the story is marginalised here to make way for lashings of sex and violence. The only bit of class on display in this one is Ms Fenech who is as always delectable.

Strip Nude for your Killer still works pretty efficiently as a giallo, however. There are some decent suspense set-pieces and it features a favourite recurring feature of the genre – the motorcycle murderer. The violence is at times nasty, although the concentration is more squarely on providing nudity. It probably goes without saying but this one is clearly for fans of the trashier end of the genre.
Not for me
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