Image from: Underwater Love (2011)

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Reviewed by Jacobharrison84 AU / Joined Jacobharrison84 2014
Underwater Love
Underwater Love
Underwater Love
Japan, 2011, 87 minutes, SD Fantasy, Romance, Asian, Pinku
A Pink Musical: Underwater Love (Onna no Kappa) is a mad, insanely cute, pornographic musical that will touch your heart and places beyond. Asuka, (otherwise known as ‘the old woman’, being the ripe old age of 35) works at a seafood processing plant, and is about to marry her boss. Her tight buttoned-up life comes to a screeching halt when a kappa, a mischievous sea creature with a taste for cucumbers enters her life. This kappa is not just any kappa, but Asuka’s reincarnated teenage crush. When the kappa learns from the drunken transvestite, the God of Death, that Asuka has only hours to live, they make a quest to the mountains to meet the kappa elders, in hope they will give Asuka the anal pearl, to ward off death.

Odd censorship laws lead to new opportunities for creativity, and as a result the erotic is done like no other place on earth as it is in Japan. ‘Pink Films’ are somewhat like the sexploitation, soft core, tongue in cheek films of the 1960’s and 70’s (Flesh Gordon for example), but there is no precise equivalent in the west. Thanks to the rise of adult video in the 80’s and internet porn, this genre largely died in Western markets, in Japan pink films struggle, but continue to endure.

You may be forgiven thinking of Underwater Love is a family friendly musical, right up until the graphic sex scene at about ten minutes deep. Ok, it’s pretty explicit monster porn, but it is also touchingly adorable. With an upbeat J-Pop soundtrack supplied by multilingual pop mavericks Stereo Total, A Pink Musical: Underwater Love is crazy funny fun for kids of all ages – well kids of the age of 18 and above anyway. I’d recommend this to people as an alternative to playing Sing Star or Mario Party, or engaging in a drinking game – it’s a brilliant choice when adults want to be silly, 4 anal pearls out of a possible five.

Director: Shinji Imaoka
Screenplay/writer: Shinji Imaoka, Fumio Moriya
Original Title: Onna no Kappa
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