Image from: Name Me (2014)

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Reviewed by joanna NO / Joined joanna 2016
"A Joke That Ultimately Unfolded Bitter Realities and Realizations!"
Name Me
Name Me
Name Me
Russia, 2014, 87 minutes, HD Adventure, Coming of Age, Arthouse, Drama
Great shots, fairly outstanding acting portrayals but I was expecting a bit more towards the end of the film.  Sasha and Olya, during a visit to the latter's estranged father Sergey decided to switch places and I'd have to say, it was a blessing in disguise (at  least to an extent) for Sasha who badly yearns for a father figure in her life,  but a bitter discovery for Olya who ultimately realized that she has no definite role in her father's life.  A generally interesting film by Director Sayfullaeva that's worth checking out!
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