Image from: Little Bird (2015)

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Reviewed by DavidCPountain GB / Joined DavidCPountain 2017
"An Ominous and achingly bittersweet lament for lost youth"
Little Bird
Little Bird
Little Bird
Russia, 2015, 90 minutes, HD Coming of Age, Drama, Arthouse
Vladimir Beck creates a constantly unsettled broth of sexual frustration and confusion that captures how young and unready minds can interpret the world in fallacious and ugly ways. As one crudely ceremonial scene involving glitter and a shard of glass deftly highlights, we can only operate using the tools we currently have, be they physical or mental. Beck's direction communicates the psychological progression of his four leads by establishing a narrative of sensations, while Kseniya Sereda's rich, moody cinematography captures a dreamy summer's twilight that takes flight in long, wordless sequences of analogous experiences. At its best, the film is a vibrant construction of incidental sounds and sensual imagery that would make Terrence Malick proud.

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