Image from: Moebius (2013)

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Reviewed by marcosibanezodonnell GB / Joined marcosibanezodonnell 2014
South Korea, 2013, 89 minutes, SD Asian, Horror, Arthouse
When talking about "Moebius", usually the words "controversial" or "shocking" come to mind. It is no secret that Korean director Kim Ki-Duk is a provocateur: his movies are not intended for a single view, yet alone to make up your mind after a first screening. What truly makes his movies interesting is that they just tend to tag along for a while. This might be his most controversial movie yet (and that is some statement if we remember "The isle", "Bad guy" or "Samaritan girl"), and it is definitely not going to be for everyone. But Ki-Duk's movies are precisely that: an experience that is not meant to satisfy, it is meant to disturb us. No words are needed in order to provoke that sensation, as usual in the director's movies: the images and silences speak for themselves.

One can only think "what have I just watched?" after viewing this, and it is honestly hard to say whether you hated it or loved it. But it is precisely that discomfort, that viewing experience that makes it worth the time. You'll hate yourself for recommending it to people, and yet you really feel the need to. Love or hate, it will not leave you indifferent. Guaranteed.
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