Image from: The Relic (1997)

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Reviewed by kavy US / Joined kavy 2017
"Professionally handled monster thriller"
The Relic
The Relic
The Relic
USA, 1997, 110 minutes Horror, Thriller, Mystery
I'm not usually into monster movies am more into kung fu, serial killer and thriller movies, I don't really get into the appeal or believability of monsters but anyway, this was very good. It doesn't show the creature for a really long time and builds things up nicely. The loaction of the museum is a bit like a character in it's own right as it has such a cool presence and the movie gives you ample time to go exploring inside it. Tom Sizemore and Penelope Ann Miller do really well with the material and the SFX haven't dated much at all, thanks to Stan Winston who is a master at this sort of thing. Shame there wasn't a sequel.
Not for me
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