Image from: Walking Towards (2011)

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"Moving Forward"
Walking Towards
Walking Towards
Walking Towards
Italy, 2011, 75 minutes, HD Romance, LGBT
film by Roberto Cuzzillo was quite interesting. There’s a lot of things that I
really like in  this movie. The acting of
the actors were quite good most specially the acting of Anastazija Vidmar. She
was very natural and very committed to her role. The others did a fantastic job
too. I can’t understand their language but because they were really good in delivering
their lines and their emotions were all right on point, even if there was a
subtitle, I somehow feel the intensity and emotions of the scenes in this
movie.  Kudos to their acting! I also
like the establishing shots at the beginning. The scene where Emina was alone
in their apartment of Antonia (Fiorenza Tessari), it highlighted the loneliness
of Emina. Another scene that impressed me was the part when Emina started
hurting herself. The music and sound effects were really good to the point that
it helped emphasize the mood of that scene. The camera treatment in the sex
scene of Emina and Antonia was impressive as well. The scene turned out very romantic.
I would also like to commend the screenplay, the story and the script, all were
well-written. The film tackled issues like war, suicide attempt, masochism, beliefs,
forgiveness and healing from a painful past. The ending of this film was
superb. Remember at the start of the movie, Emina was in the water and you will
wonder why she’s there? The film ended using that scene again but this time,
she got out of the water and tried to catch her breath. It symbolizes that as
she moved out of the water and tried to breathe again, she’s now ready to move
forward from her past. I will rate this movie 4 stars.
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