Image from: Fathers (2016)

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Reviewed by dominicbrant GB / Joined dominicbrant 2015
"Sooo Cute, if a little serious."
Thailand, 2016, 96 minutes, HD Drama, LGBT
This is a beautiful film and deserves all the positive comments that surround it.  What is especially compelling, is the interaction of the fathers with their son.  If you're unfamiliar with the idea of a same sex couple bringing up a child, this may appear unsettling.  What enables these interactions to be beyond sweet is the adorable performance of the child actor.
Strangely, this isn't particularly a gay film, although it undeniably is.  It's a film about loving children and how loving them can challenge a couple - any couple.
The production is solid in all aspects.  Korean drama is some of the most compelling on TV (or the internet).  This sits happily with the best that Korea has to offer.  The only thing that marks it aside from most other drama is, of course, that it focusses on the challenges a gay couple face.
It cover topics such as adoption, gay marriage, being out to your child's school friends, the role of the state in interfering with your family in a natural and compelling way.  Occasionally it preaches, but just enough to make you realise that people, even gay people, have opinions they wish to express.
As the film does cover a lot of territory, it did leave me feeling just a little short changed at the end.  There were a lot of angles and inputs to resolve and i felt it could have made use of another five or ten minutes.
With this said, it's a really compelling film with lots of 'ahhhh, cute', factor.
4.5 stairs from me.
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