Image from: In the Eyes of the World (1991)

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Reviewed by albertcraig NZ / Joined albertcraig 2016
"Engrossing to watch with lessons along the way!"
In the Eyes of the World
In the Eyes of the World
In the Eyes of the World
France, 1991, 95 minutes Thriller, Drama, Arthouse
This is one unlikely hostage-taking situation that starts out wrong but somehow ended quite right, something that's normally expected to happen.  During the film's entirety the viewers get to know hostage-taker Bruno's character;  the restless personality and the madly in love youth.  But also, viewers get to  know the characters of the teacher and the bus driver, who are the two adults onboard the bus, aside from the kids.  What I liked about the film was that during the latter part Bruno was able to be understood by the bus driver and teacher and what started out badly ended up quite peacefully with noone getting harmed.  Watching this leads viewers to realize that being young and in love could result to illogical decisions and actions, especially without the proper guidance.  
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