Image from: Land of Oblivion (2011)

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Reviewed by kirkdaniels SG / Joined kirkdaniels 2016
"Compelling to watch!"
Land of Oblivion
Land of Oblivion
Land of Oblivion
Ukraine, 2011, 108 minutes Drama, Arthouse, Disaster
Watching the film gives me a very depressing feeling as well as pity and grief for the countless Ukrainians who lost their families and friends because of the Chernobyl disaster. The stories of Valery and Anya are just some of the sad stories that reflect the intensity of the disaster.  The gloominess of the Chernobyl zone is chilling and places like Pripyat will never be the same again as they have become a no-man's land.  Kurylenko as Anya displayed great acting potential in this film and her story is one of the focus in the film as it  unfolds in the midst of the disaster.  A very gripping account and a reminder to everyone that disasters do happen but also, it's  the intensity and determination of the human nature for survival that shines through.  
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