Image from: Walking Towards (2011)

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Reviewed by jakedunn NC / Joined jakedunn 2016
"How Conflict Can Effect People"
Walking Towards
Walking Towards
Walking Towards
Italy, 2011, 75 minutes, HD Romance, LGBT
Performances fairly outstanding although I'd have to say that the central character of Emina is the character that's most noticeable because of the inner demons that she struggle and try hard to overcome.  The hallucinations endlessly make her suffer. With the similarities of the inner struggles that Emina and Neso experience, it makes viewers conclude that these Bosnians both have deep traumas of the wars and unrest back in their country.  There were scenes that seem uninteresting but in general it has a story that is quite relatable especially for people who come from places ravaged by war and conflict.  
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