Image from: The Enemy Within (2013)

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Reviewed by conradriggs MC / Joined conradriggs 2016
"Powerful acting performance by Manolils Mavromatakis"
The Enemy Within
The Enemy Within
The Enemy Within
Greece, 2013, 107 minutes Thriller, Arthouse
Extraordinary acting performances especially by the central character Kostas portrayed by M. Mavromatakis.  The character of Kostas may strike viewers as nerdy and drab-looking but in reality he's a restless soul who, after being egged on by his neighbor  eventually exacted revenge to one of the robbers.  But the real problem didn't end there because thereafter he was bothered by his conscience and fearful for the safety of his family.  Atonement was what he finally decided and a queer kind of mutual deal or agreement occured; this is something that viewers should definitely look out for. Nicely written,  good dialogues and I liked soundtrack.
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