Image from: The Word (2014)

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Reviewed by jakedunn NC / Joined jakedunn 2016
"Highly Engrossing Movie that Everyone especially the Parents should see!"
The Word
The Word
The Word
Poland, 2014, 97 minutes Drama, Coming of Age, Arthouse
Superb acting performances especially by Elyza Rycembel as Lila.  The storytelling style is easy to follow and viewers will feel the tension build up from one scene to another.  The support cast lent great support such as the character of Lila's mother while the character of Janek shows great potential, too. Lila may seem naive and aloof but she did have that force and command towards Janek, something which would be unthinkable for a young person to do.  And from the looks of it, everything boils down to the dysfunctional personal relationship she has at home; with her absent father and her present yet distant mother, with whom she can't communicate deeply.  This movie is extraordinary for mirroring situations that possibly happen in the present society; with parents breaking up and the youth prone to early romantic relationships as a means of escape from problems at home.  A very important point of view that the viewers can pick up on one of the important messages of the film transpires during the interrogation scene of Lila, wherein she was asked if  her boyfriend kissing another girl is betrayal.  The very strong emotions that she associate with the idea of betrayal is surprising,  and in part could've been due to the real scenario in her family.  One important message  of the film, in my own opinion, would be that "parents should never take their children for granted, they should make them feel that they are loved and that they matter because you will never know what could happen and what goes on inside their minds".   
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