Image from: Again (2013)

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Reviewed by kirkdaniels SG / Joined kirkdaniels 2016
"A delicately genuine story of young love but also of knowing oneself."
Japan, 2013, 107 minutes Drama, Coming of Age, Asian
Watching the film gives one a closer view of Japanese culture and values ; of conservative parents, of how parents tend to be protective especially with their daughters and  of the gentle and secretive nature sometimes of Japanese youth.  But as the main character hurdles a very tough phase of her life, as she comes to terms with conflicting emotions, the viewers will realize that having someone to talk to and open up your worries and thoughts is very essential. In Hatsumi's case that scene where she was playfully splashing water to her friend Mari, was an important albeit transitional part as it was during that scene that she was able to openly admit that she misses Ryutaro, despite everything that transpired.  And from that point on, Hatsumi somehow got a grip of herself, resulting to a final meeting/confrontation with Ryutaro.  Viewers are sure to pick up a lesson or two from this emotional and genuinely insightful flick from Director Kanai who also wrote the screenplay. 
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