Image from: Destruction Babies (2016)

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Reviewed by amazingsquirrel GB / Joined amazingsquirrel 2013
"Never-ending occurrence of senseless violence - for your entertainment"
Destruction Babies
Destruction Babies
Destruction Babies
Japan, 2016, 108 minutes Action, Drama, Asian
I was just watching this at the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2017 in London - a great commercial debut by director Tetsuya Mariko. Filmed in Matsuyama in a mix of both city and countryside settings this film is definitely a feast for fans of violent movies, with a zombie-like 18-year old basically beating up everyone coming into his way, and the addition of social media obsessed teenagers recording every violent scene. The never-ending occurrence of senseless violence has some comic feel to it, but this is clearly no comedy. I am definitely looking forward to watch more from this upcoming director, I hope he'll make more films like this :P
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