Image from: Personal Shopper (2016)

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Reviewed by snakeeyes GB / Joined snakeeyes 2014
Personal Shopper
Personal Shopper
Personal Shopper
France, 2016, 105 minutes Thriller, Fantasy, Supernatural
Something of a Marmite film, Assayas' latest is nowhere in the same league as Clouds of Sils Maria, mainly because of a litany of misfires in a genre that he doesn't quite have a handle on, however there's enough brimming beneath the surface here to have you intrigued for the majority of the duration. The first half hour is the weakest, as we are introduced to the ghost far too early on, and the portrayal is unconvincing. Supporting cast don't do a good job either, and the running time is unnecessarily long, filled with haute couture onanism and yawn-inducing shots of Stewart in transit, but as the story progresses, and we are left more in Stewart's company where she is actually given something to do, she excels and breathes life into a pretty uninteresting story.
Not for me
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