Image from: Luminaris (2011)

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Reviewed by margot_hervee GB / Joined margot_hervee 2016
Argentina, 2011, 6 minutes Animation
Luminaris is a compelling short film featuring a world where men and women are following a daily routine from bed to work. A man working in the assembly-line production of light bulbs decide to change the course of his life. What's most interesting about this world is that it is controlled by both natural and electric light. Daylight is as usual conducting the everyday lives from sunrise to sunset but here sunlight also appears to be the driving force of the stop-motion. This natural element greatly contributes to the poetic dimension of this film. On the other hand, electric light represents the flip side of this world: the factory, its assembly line production, its boss. The film, through the ingenuity and yearning for freedom of the man, smartly turns around the light bulbs into a gigantic one which he will use as an airship to escape. Poetic indeed, and yet a sharp representation of a (our?) society driven by productivism. Just brillant !
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