Image from: Super. Full. (2010)

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Reviewed by jadee PH / Joined jadee 2016
Super. Full.
Super. Full.
Super. Full.
Qatar, Lebanon, 2010, 13 minutes Drama
It's surprising how in silence there is a deeper appreciation of even the littlest of details.  While the two lead characters don't utter a single word, being deaf-mutes, yet the intensity with which they convey their emotions is simply admirable.  The filmmaker clearly succeeded in conveying these very critical emotions to the viewers and in turn evoking and awakening response in the form of admiration and deep understanding for this simple couple who derive great joy just by being with each other and being able to fulfill a wish to dine in a fancy restaurant.  The acting portrayals are splendid,  such intensity in these characters and such depth. This is one film I've truly enjoyed watching!
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