Image from: Fish Story (2009)

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Fish Story
Fish Story
Fish Story
Japan, 2009, 112 minutes, SD Comedy, Asian
Engaging and fun to watch!  The movie sure has its quirky scenes but it also touches on a number of other genres aside from comedy and this includes  a bit of thriller, drama and action all coming together into one joyride of a movie.  Central to all of the events is the song Fish Story by the punk band Gekirin, of which the lyrics become a jump off point towards a particular story, a trilogy of sorts. The characters and stories do not have a direct connection except for the song itself and nonetheless this makes it quite unique and one of a kind. Happening at various times in history, it's the story about a kindly cook who was trained early on in martial arts, referring to himself as a champion of justice, that gets the viewers' attention.  The action and fight scenes were really great and the actor who played the role of the cook was skillful and adept. An enjoyable film to watch that touches on issues concerning human nature as well as apocalypse,  you should better check this out! 
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