Image from: The Woodsman and the Rain (2011)

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Reviewed by edwinjamescalin US / Joined edwinjamescalin 2016
The Woodsman and the Rain
The Woodsman and the Rain
The Woodsman and the Rain
Japan, 2011, 129 minutes, SD Comedy, Asian
Truly enjoyed this movie and worth every minute of your viewing time! Director Okita  didn't fail to bring about the necessary elements which makes this film an instant hit among viewers as it doesn't only have a great story to tell but the acting portrayals are above par.  Koji Yakusho, known for films like "The Eel" and "13 Assassins"  was perfect for his role as the lumberjack Katsu who becomes deeply involved with a film production.  There are many hilarious scenes and one of these scenes in particular was when he played as an extra, that of a zombie being shot.  The mere actuations of Yakusho was so comedic that I almost roll in the ground, laughing so hard.  The young director, played by Shun Oguri was also very impressive and can be a scene-stealer at times.  This is one very hilarious and heartwarming film that also tackles issues like father and son relationshps and in pursuing your passions and goals in life.  Truly a must-see!
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