Image from: The Land of Hope (2012)

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The Land of Hope
The Land of Hope
The Land of Hope
Japan, 2012, 133 minutes, SD Drama, Science Fiction, Asian
Striking visual images and very emotional!  This film by Sion Sono never ceases to amaze viewers, as while it tackles the widespread effects of a nuclear crisis in a fictional Japanese prefecture it also effectively draws out emotions from viewers. There are countless poignant scenes but what I loved the most were those between the elderly couple Yasuhiko and his demented wife Chieko who seems to have become a child again, due mostly to the illness that has robbed her mind of normal thinking. Their interactions are genuine albeit heartwarming especially during those times where they are the only ones left in their village. There was a scene where Chieko wandered off to the very place where the nuclear plant was located, and she was talking to some imaginary people and then dancing and prancing around. For me, it's a very striking scene that's a powerful contrast to the gloomy surroundings and the looming shroud of death. She was wearing a colorful kimono and she executed the dance steps well,  it was a joy to watch the said scene! This is a very compelling film that intends to open the viewers' minds concerning the dangers of nuclear power plants and of the emotional and psychological havocs it causes to the people. Highly recommended to watch! 
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