Image from: Import Export (2007)

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Import Export
Import Export
Import Export
Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, 2007, 135 minutes, SD Drama, Arthouse
A film with a very compelling message and with disturbing visuals!  This is honestly something that some would fancy watching,  as there were offensive scenes that some viewers may not be able to tolerate. Still,  all the scenes depicted has a realistic edge in it that one can't help but chuckle and shake our heads in disbelief.  There are two lead characters here, Pauli and Olga, with different paths in life but with the same objective, to be able to find work and have a better life. Though their stories don't converge at all, both try hard to earn money and in my opinion, I think Olga is doing it more sensibly than Pauli who seems to be having a good time way at times, like drinking alcohol.  The various humiliation that these characters have to go through,  especially Olga who worked as nurse, for an online porn site and on to being a housemaid and cleaner when she went to Austria are  quite disturbing but in a way has helped Olga to cope with the mundane.  She has learned to become tough to make it through in another country.  While the film doesn't give a clear conclusion,  it will give hints to the viewers that the struggle continues although the future seems bleak still, for Pauli, who is seen hitchhiking back to Austria from Ukraine. Olga on the other hand is seen laughing with the rest of her co-cleaners, signaling a more positive outcome for her.  This is a very intense and disturbing  film from  director Ulrich Seidi. 
Not for me
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