Image from: Change (2014)

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Reviewed by nikkareyes PH / Joined nikkareyes 2016
Taiwan, 2014, 48 minutes, HD Documentary, Asian
A very inspiring and eye-opening movie of how the environment and nature has been challenged in the wake of Taiwan's rapidly changing landscapes!  This for me has a very universal message as it's not only Taiwan but everywhere that the impact of "change" has brought about negative effects to nature and to the animal kingdom that's entirely powerless to go against it. The efforts of the Love for Earth program has been very admirable, reaching out to construction builders, landscape designers and those involved with building structures to dessiminate information on the importance of a harmonious relationship between nature and man-made structures and development. What was also very touching was the determined efforts to  reach out to schools and children, educating them further on the importance of birds, animals even butterflies in the entire ecosystem. Director Wuna was able to bring a realistic and thoughtful account of the ongoing measures being made to save Taiwan's remaining natural habitats and in ensuring that structures made are attuned and will not harm other living things. Definitely a must-watch and highly recommended to be shown even in schools. 
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