Image from: Left Luggage (1998)

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Left Luggage
Left Luggage
Left Luggage
Netherlands, 1998, 100 minutes, SD Drama, Arthouse
This is an interesting character study of the lead star Chaya, portrayed by Laura Fraser, known for films like "Breaking Bad" and "A Knight's Tale".  An independent Jewish lady in the year 1972 in Antwerp who jump from one job to another until she finds work as nanny for a Hassidic family.  She's on the verge of quitting, what with loads of housework plus 5 kids to tend to (this include twin babies) but her fondness for four year old Simcha was more than she can handle so she stayed on. As she gets to know Mrs. Kalman (Isabella Rossellini) and the family she gets caught up in their concerns as well. There are very genuine and heartwarming scenes in this film and while it's not really a comedy, there are scenes that are quite comic and amusing.  Other popular names in the cast include M. Schell as Chaya's father and David Bradley as the concierge in charge of the elevator who hates Jews. Adam Monty as the boy Simcha was commendable in his portrayal and viewers will deeply appreciate the genuine bond between him and Chaya.  Do check this out! 
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