Image from: Viktoria (2014)

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Reviewed by nikkareyes PH / Joined nikkareyes 2016
Bulgaria, 2014, 155 minutes Drama
Something so surreal with this movie and there are a couple of scenes where Boryana is seen walking amidst a field of tall grasses when she could've just normally walked along some pathway or road. Just two of the scenes I've noticed was that scene where her water broke and upon the death of her mother, with her face so grim and kinda scary with too obvious eyebags and looks like she didn't slept for days.  This film tackles being a woman, a daughter, a mother and a human person, all together while touching on the topic of socialism and democracy in Bulgaria.  Very interesting character study of Boryana as well as of the daughter Viktoria. And yet while this film is titled as the daughter's name, it was the mother Boryana who seems to catch the fancy of viewers.  Glum, deplorable, kinda depressed, doesn't want the child she's bearing and very repulsive to her mother. These and her other quirks that somehow give a queer sense of humor, like that scene where she's chewing on gum and forming balloons out of it and then it gets stuck in her nose, actuations like these make you feel irritable and yet will endear viewers to her. This multi-awarded film is worth checking out!
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