Image from: Love Steaks (2013)

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Love Steaks
Love Steaks
Love Steaks
Germany, 2013, 89 minutes, SD Romance, Arthouse
Hilarious at times and with commendable cinematography,  this movie is about two people who meet and eventually falls for each one in the hotel where they both work. Clemens, played by Franz Rogowski is a newly-hired massage therapist while Lara, played by Lana Cooper is a rowdy and alcoholic chef at the hotel's kitchen. Rogowski fits quite well in his role as Clemens with the naive and mild-mannered ways while Cooper shines as the eccentric, uncontrollable and a bit childish Lara. That scene where an elderly woman attempts to seduce Clemens while he's going about with the massage session was quite funny and there was one hotel supervisor who quite stole the scene wherein he reprimanded the two leads for their uncalled for behavior and going on "unauthorized breaks just to whisper sweet nothings". Engrossing German indie by director Jakob Lass! Worth checking out!
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