Image from: Born in Gaza (2014)

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Reviewed by jeteli PH / Joined jeteli 2016
Born in Gaza
Born in Gaza
Born in Gaza
Palestine, 2014, 74 minutes, SD Documentary
Watching the documentary and seeing only through the screen the actual bombings and the mangled bodies gave me chills, what more would it be for the children and people who were actually there and experienced it!  Such havoc, such loss of lives and property! This is a stark retelling of the horrendous result of war in Gaza by Spanish director Hernan Zin. What makes the film more compelling was the fact that the stories are told through the vantage point of children who were survivors of bombing attacks.  There is deep anguish in their eyes that viewers cannot fathom,an anguish that only a survivor can deeply feel. What is thoroughly disturbing was the tone of the words that they speak,  it speaks of revenge. As the kid Rajaf said,  he would like to join the resistance to seek justice for his father who died in the bombings.  A very sad and grim reality and so much adverse effects, as only wars can do.  Eye-opening, horrifying, heart-wrenching! 
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