Image from: Monk Dawson (1998)

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Reviewed by nikkareyes PH / Joined nikkareyes 2016
Monk Dawson
Monk Dawson
Monk Dawson
UK, 1998, 104 minutes, SD Drama, Romance
There are impressive cinematic shots observed in this film and the story about a monk who has to deal with the realities of the outside world,  so different from the monk life he was so accustomed with was quite well-explored.  Viewers felt though that there was something lacking,  especially with how the story concluded.  The performances are quite impressive though, and the young actresses like Mitra and Steavenson-Payne  added variety to the movie with their scenes with the monk having an established rapport. John Michie, the actor who played the  role of Monk Dawson did quite well with the acting although of all his scenes it was only during that suicide scene of Payne that viewers get to see optimal effort from him. The film also tackles about Catholicism and a sort of coming of age/ awakening for a sheltered monk. Worth checking out.  
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