Image from: I Will Be Murdered (2013)

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I Will Be Murdered
I Will Be Murdered
I Will Be Murdered
Guatemala, 2013, 85 minutes, SD Documentary
I've long been a fan of mystery and thriller fiction films and books but this movie about Rodrigo Rosenberg's murder is undoubtedly one of the craftiest and hard to crack one!  As it's always been said, truth is stranger than fiction, and I can't agree more! This documentary unfolds clearly and well-paced with numerous interviews from relatives, friends and authorities. Brace yourself for disturbing and revealing facts with this film that's directed by Justin Webster. This is just one example of how very powerful various media is, including social media and of how one murder can snowball into one great force that could even topple a government or destroy people's lives forever. Definitely worth checking out! 
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