Image from: A Slave of Love (1976)

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A Slave of Love
A Slave of Love
A Slave of Love
Russia, 1976, 94 minutes, SD Drama, Comedy, Romance, Arthouse
Tragic and gripping! This is a compelling film of how Olga and Victor grew in love with each other although it was a  risky one as he was a Bolshevik. There were very emotional scenes in the movie, such as that scene where Olga and Victor were talking and Olga asks him to wait, with both of them confessing their love for each other yet when Victor leaves he gets shot down. The cinematography is commendable and acting performances were impressive especially that of Yelena Solovey as Olga, she's a regular amongst Director Mikhalkov's films. This film tackles not only about counter espionage but of the deepest human emotions such as love. 
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