Image from: The Hobo (1980)

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Reviewed by josephcalingasa PH / Joined josephcalingasa 2016
The Hobo
The Hobo
The Hobo
South Africa, 1980, 66 minutes African, Drama
This film is about Jabu a former detective and Dami, a former boxer who both end up living in the streets as hobos.  An offer by Pretty, Jabu's acquaintance, gets them back on track, getting rid of their soiled clothes and committed to solve the case of Pretty's husband. The twist in the end caught them off-guard but they eventually took control of the situation. What I found amusing though was there seems to be a miscast in the characters. The actor who plays Jabu( Jabulani Luthului) looks more like the ex-boxer and Dami looks more like the ex-detective because he was serious and looks like a deep thinker. The former on the other hand had a rather carefree character, more athletic in terms of posture. Another odd thing I've noticed in the African films, not only with this one, was  the preference for the color of neon orange/red orange in their wardrobe. I think they prefer it because they're dark-skinned but then again it gives a quite shocking effect to one's vision. Much better if they settle for mint green, beige or even white shades maybe, well just my suggestion though! All in all, this film was quite engrossing to watch although the script/screenplay could still be improved. 
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