Image from: The Priest and the Thief (1980)

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Reviewed by nikkareyes PH / Joined nikkareyes 2016
The Priest and the Thief
The Priest and the Thief
The Priest and the Thief
South Africa, 1980, 64 minutes Comedy, African
Hilarious and engaging! It wasn't mentioned if he's a wanderer or just going through town, but the Thief is one peculiar young man.  He steals the church offering and had no remorse,  retorting it was the Lord's money, much to the Priest's chagrin and horror. The Priest on the other hand, is one unique servant of the Lord with the jovial side, but bent on making the thief repent and pay for the bad deeds that he did.  With a simple plot but with commendable acting portrayals, this is one film that endears to viewers.  The dialogues are  simple but interjected with comic relief and while there are serious issues being dealt with, like stealing,  viewers are presented with different perspectives;  those from the priest and those from the thief, who keeps on  justifying his actions. Check this out and  find out what was the thief's ultimate fate!
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