Image from: How Big Is Your Love? (2011)

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How Big Is Your Love?
How Big Is Your Love?
How Big Is Your Love?
Algeria, 2011, 98 minutes Drama, African, Coming of Age
A poignant and tender story of family relationships, the effects of divorce and differences among men and women. This is the heartwarming story of a boy who's left in the care of his grandparents when his parents split up. Adel may not overly show it but the feelings of anxiety and loneliness manifests itself in his demeanor. The company of his grandmother is a gentle reassurance that he will be alright and their great chemistry is at once evident. Multi-awarded director Fatima Zamoum should be commended for this tender and very affecting film, she gives utmost attention to details and the painter in her can be seen by the way the shots are well-framed. Impressive performances by Racim Zennadi as Adel who's so inquisitive and  smart and equally great portrayals by the actors who portrayed as his grannys as well as the uncle. One thing I particularlly noticed in this film is that, whenever the grandmother prepares their meals there is music or singing in the background, which I find unique.  Do check out this film! 
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